FHPC Bylaws – Article IV.A: Governing Bodies
The governing body shall be the Session consisting of no less than three (3) and not more than eleven (11) Elders, who are also the Directors of the Corporation. The eleven (11) Elders who are Covenant Partners, who have affirmed the ECO Essential Tenets, shall be elected by the Congregation to serve a term of three (3) years. 
The Session is led by the Moderator, Clerk of Session and the Elders listed. Session meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month with additional meetings held as needed.
Guests are welcome to attend Session Meetings. Guests who wish to present a topic for discussion with Session should request to be added to the Agenda no later than the Wednesday prior to the meeting by calling the office at 480-837-1763.
Session Mailbox
Share your voice! Have a suggestion, question or just want to give a shout out to something great at FHPC? We have a mailbox for that! A suggestion box is located in the Narthex near the water cooler.
Or, click HERE to submit your message online. Elders will review each comment and address your input with the submitter. 
Clerk of Session
The Moderator shall preside over Session and serve ex-officio and not as as voting member of this governing body. 
Shall record the transactions of the council, keep its membership and attendance, preserve its records, and furnish information when required by another council of the church.  Jack Reynolds
Buildings & Grounds Ministry                                                  Elder: Jim Stewart (2025)
Buildings & Grounds Committee: To give oversight to maintaining and preserving the buildings and property. To coordinate outside vendors and service providers. To recommend policies regarding building use and function. To be responsible for supervising & directing the sexton.
Contact the Buildings & Grounds Ministry Elder by clicking HERE.
Christian Formation Ministry                                                 Elder: 
To oversee the total formational and educational programs of FHPC. To structure meaningful involvement for the entire congregation in educational experiences that deepen faith and commitment. To evaluate formation programs based on priority-determined criteria and goals. To oversee operations of the Nursery.
Contact the Christian Formation Ministry Elder by clicking HERE.
Communications Ministry                                                          Elder: Jeff Rand (2025) 
Internally. The team produces products for the church – The Weekly email and the In Touch monthly newsletter – to promote activities and ways for people to connect as well as list upcoming events.

Externally. We write and distribute press releases to the FH Times (newspaper and online website) and FH Chamber of Commerce and also plan for FHPC involvement in community events.
We also manage and update content for the church’s website and Facebook page, in addition to producing the live stream of weekly worship services and special events such as funerals.

Contact the Communications Ministry Elders by clicking HERE.
To submit a Publication (News) Request, click HERE.
To submit a Website/Technology Request, click HERE.

Finance Ministry                                                                  Elder:  Phyliss Kern (2026) 
Provide interpretation of the monthly financial reports to the Session. To coordinate the preparation of the church budget and its presentation for Session approval. To provide investment management. To provide relationship management with financial institutions. To be responsible for supervising & directing the work of the Treasurer.
Contact the Finance Ministry Elder by clicking HERE.
 Fellowship & Assimilation Ministry                                Elder:  Sandi Thompson (2026)
To create diverse and flexible opportunities to develop, nurture, and sustain community life; with specific responsibilities to: Volunteerism and Personal Gift development, Fellowship and social events, New Member welcoming.
The ministry includes the Hilltop Hospitality Committee which meets on the second Friday monthly in the Fellowship Center.
Contact the Fellowship & Assimilation Elder by clicking HERE.
 Mission Ministry                                                            Elder:  Brendan Wagner (2026)
To stimulate missional awareness & commitment within our congregation. To develop and manage opportunities for both personal & financial involvement in mission efforts at local, national, & international levels.
The Mission Committee meets on the second Monday of each month in the Fireside Room.
Contact the Mission Ministry Elder by clicking HERE.
Outreach Ministry                                                                  Elder:  Jackie Miles (2025)
The Outreach Ministry provides opportunities and means for the FHPC family to broaden its involvement in the community. It is the opportunity to spread God’s word and share his love with our neighbors and the world by connecting with visitors to our church and by bringing the work of the church to the community through activities and events. 
Currently, Pastor Bill Good and Marta Ludwig oversee Outreach.
Personnel Ministry                                                             Elder:  Arlene Stewart (2024)
To relate to the professional and support staff of FHPC. To prepare position descriptions, conduct interviews and assume responsibility for any personnel matters regarding the staff. To administer Performance Evaluations (at least annually). To provide confidential counsel on personnel matters/conflicts. 
Contact the Personnel Ministry Elder by clicking HERE.
Stewardship Chair                                                                    Elder:  Arlene Stewart

Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor. It is recognizing that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God and being grateful and generous with those gifts. In the Autumn of each year, an Elder is charged with promoting stewardship and leading the annual Pledge Campaign.

Contact the Stewardship Elder by clicking HERE.

 Worship & Music Ministry                                                         Elder:  Ilene Berg (2024)

To meet with the pastor and the music director to guide and direct the worship life of FHPC. To concern itself with adult, youth, children, and intergenerational experiences of worship. To provide pulpit supply (as necessary). To manage serving Sacraments. To oversee staffing and training of worship support (liturgists, greeters/ushers, and sacrament preparation. Contact the Worship & Ministry Elder by clicking HERE.