Communion Table Candleholder

The candleholder holds great significance and symbolism for the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church community. The candleholder, created by artist Rev. Dr. Clarence Deleon (C. D.) Weaver, was placed on the Communion Table in the sanctuary in 2010 as a gift from Rev. Bill Good, when he joined FHPC as pastor. 

Rev. Dr. Weaver, an artist-in-residence at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, retired from the seminary in 1999 and has since created liturgical pieces found in various churches, seminaries, and private collections. The use of steel in the artwork signifies the durability of the ancient church tradition, while the contemporary design reflects the idea that this faith is relevant to modern individuals.

The piece is meant to embody both grace and strength, incorporating masculine and feminine features. It weighs approximately eleven pounds and is made of steel, with visible hammer blows, representing the enduring nature of faith that has weathered challenges and oppressions. The imagery of flames dancing around the light, as described by Rev. Dr. Deleon, symbolizes celebration and joy.

The candleholder was commissioned by Mountain View Presbyterian Church as a parting retirement gift for Pastor Good. Rev. Dr. Deleon emphasizes that the artwork was created with love, reflecting his belief that endeavors driven by love result in something exceptional. The candle’s presence during worship services serves as a reminder of Pastor Bill Good’s love for the church community.

Overall, this candleholder and its symbolism represent the intertwining of tradition and contemporary relevance, the strength of faith, and the unity of the church community.