People helping people. Reaching out to those around us that need our help. Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church is committed to taking care of those that need us, the best way we can.
Blanket Sunday – February 21, 2021

Barbara Oakeson – Minute for Mission Click HERE to View Video

On Sunday, February 21st, our annual Blanket Offering will take place which provides support to Church World Service’s ongoing Blanket program.  By providing funding to supply blankets to areas devastated by disasters at home and abroad, we can deliver hope to those who need our help to survive and thrive. These blankets can be used as padding for someone sleeping on a hard, cold surface, or as a room divider if they’re staying in shelters and would like a little privacy, or as a bag to carry belongings if they must move from place to place.  Each blanket is $10 and there are two types: a gray heavy weight wool and a lighter weight yellow fleece.





Mission Sunday – January 24, 2021
Listen to the Mission Committee talk about the various charities supported by FHPC.

Part 1: Jack Reynolds & Terri Schmidt

Part 2: Susan Titus & Jack Reynolds

(Contribution from Donna Simms)​

Mission Ministry

Mission Statement

Good works are the results of, not the requirement for salvation.
Presbyterians have a long and extraordinary record of working for economic and human rights justice around the world.
Presbytery Disaster Assistance, for example, ranks among the nation’s most active aid organization, nationally and internationally in cooperation with other aid providers as well as other religious groups.
All the beautiful sentiments
in the world, weigh less than
a single lovely action.
The mission of the church is given form by God’s grace in the world as told in the Bilble and understood by faith.
Sharing God’s love,
by giving and doing.
  • Include people who are poor and oppressed in your daily prayers.
  • Include people who are poor and oppressed in your personal or household budget.
  • Pay close attention to economic and political conditions in other nations. You can’t help if you don’t know what is really going on.
  • Resolve to be a well informed person who tests the world view in the news against the world view in the Bible.
  • Utilize the internet to located independent and alternative news sources with unique, on-the-spot perspectives.

        Get Involved!

 Mission Elder: Terri Schmidt 480-837-7083
Mission Meetings
The committee meets on the second Monday of the month at 1:00pm, in the Office Conference Room. Please join us! You are encouraged and invited to be a part of all that we do!