Who We Are

In keeping with our Presbyterian heritage, in our shared life of faith we seek a rare and delicate balance; struggling ceaselessly and creatively to fashion theological space sufficient to nurture individualized and particularized faith amidst a true community of believers. With our eyes fixed firmly on the person of Jesus Christ, we seek an incarnational life together as a community of persons listening for His voice in Scripture and His guidance as it has found expression in the historical distinctives of God’s Church.

Our Articles of Faith

Our Denomination
Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church is now an ECO Congregation. ECO is a new Presbyterian denomination formed in January, 2012. The mission of ECO is to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ. The denomination is focused on four key priorities:
  • Lifting up the centrality of the Gospel,
  • Growing with an emerging generation of leaders,
  • Emphasizing a wave of church innovation,
  • Creating an atmosphere of relational accountability.
Learn more about ECO at eco-pres.org