1. We will have rented tables/chairs set up in your space by 6:30 am.
  2. Plan to arrive any time after 6:30 am. Use our north entrance only to access our lot. This entrance is accessible from FH Blvd in either direction.
  3. Entrance to each row will be one-way only as indicated. (North to South)
  4. You may park your vehicle by your space to unload, but please move it as soon as possible to minimize congestion.
  5. We ask that all vehicles be removed from the vendor area by 7:30 am.
    We will not permit customers on the premises until the vendor area is cleared of vehicles.
  6. Please leave the front parking area for our shoppers. There is additional parking at the rear of the church buildings.
  1. Vehicles will not be permitted in the vendor area until 3 pm.
  2. Please access the row of your space in the opposite one-way direction as your arrival. (South to North)
  3. Use our north entrance only to exit our lot.
    This exit is accessible to FH Blvd in either direction.
  4. If you have a critical need to leave before 3 pm, see a volunteer in a yellow apron.