Limited Reopening for Church Activities 10.1.2020

Effective October 1, 2020, Session approved the limited reopening of the FHPC campus for groups engaged in Church-related activities or programs.

Church-related groups planning to hold in-person meetings must meet the following criteria:

  • Meeting size cannot exceed 25 participants
  • All participants must wear face coverings upon entry and exit
  • Attendees must wear face coverings where physical distancing — 6 feet or greater — is not feasible or uncertain
  • Physical distancing is to be maintained to the extent possible
  • Implementation of safety measures prior to, during, and upon conclusion of the meeting. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Taking temperatures of attendees to ensure no one exceeds a temperature of 100.4 degrees. Anyone with a higher temperature cannot attend the meeting.
    • Not permitting anyone who appears to be ill or displays COVID-19 symptoms to attend or remain in the meeting. Common symptoms include fever, body ache, dry cough, fatigue, chills, headaches, sore throat, and loss of appetite and/or smells
    • Frequent washing of hands
    • Placement of hand sanitizers in rooms
    • Other safety measures deemed appropriate by the leader of the group or by an FHPC Elder.
    • Each group will be required to sanitize their meeting room upon the conclusion of their meeting following guidelines provided by FHPC. This will consist of using disinfectant wipes to clean tables, door knobs, chair arms and backs, light switches, and additional surfaces that were touched.
Session retains the right to rescind permission to use the FHPC campus at any time and/or to change safety/preventative measures as dictated by the circumstances.
The FHPC campus will remain closed to groups engaged in non-Church-related activities or programs.
NOTE: Commonly recognized symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, body ache, dry cough, fatigue, chills, headaches, sore throat, and loss of appetite and/or smells. This is not a complete list of possible symptoms. Many who are COVID-19 positive show no symptoms, and the lack of symptoms does not guarantee that someone is negative for COVID-19. Individuals should consult with their medical professional for guidance on possible symptoms and prevention.