Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church is a long-time supporter of Pwoje Espwa, or Project Hope, in Haiti. Overture International is the United States organization responsible for the funding and operations of Espwa and will be the recipient of donations from FHPC to support the earthquake disaster recovery.
Thank you in advance for your generosity and prayers for the people of Haiti!
Overture International has identified the most critical needs:
  1. Immediate Shelter for displaced families through the ESPWA emergency shelter where they will be safe, receive food and other support.
  2. Long-Term Housing with a goal to equip our community to build 50 new homes and repair a minimum of 50 homes over the next thirty days. 
  3. Nutrition by providing food and water to initially 38 priority communities, extending that further based on the quantity of food supplies acquired. 
  4. Supplies for a minimum of 250 families who have lost EVERYTHING. This includes providing mattresses, clothing, cooking supplies, sanitation supplies, lanterns and more essentials.
  5. ESPWA Compound has sustained structural damage, including to the wall surrounding the compound that provides a degree of protection for the community, staff and families.
  6. Reliable, Rugged Vehicles are needed to help our teams access families in distress, in remote, barely accessible locations.
  7. Schools need to be restored or rebuilt for those children who receive Overture scholarships to resume their studies.
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Checks made payable to FHPC with “Haiti” in the memo line can be mailed to the church or dropped in the lock-box.
Click here to read more about Overture’s efforts in Haiti.